2 days in Hiroshima

Claire Imaginarium

Hiroshima was made famous on the 6th August 1945 for very unfortunate reasons, and most of the pictures I had seen from the place were devastation scenes in my history books at school. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and I was in for a surprise…

Modern Hiroshima is nothing like the history book pictures! Lively, busy, with an amazing food scene, loads of shops and very important historical sights. A really nice town to explore for a couple of days!

We stayed at the Washington Hotel in the city centre. The room and bed are on the small side, but it is very good value for money and very well situated in the town.

Day 1 – The Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima Castle & the city centre

We arrived in Hiroshima around lunch time and grabbed a quick lunch on the go on our way to the hotel. After…

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